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Why i-Val for jewelry appraisals?

Do you know if your appraisal includes an adequate description of your jewelry?  If it doesn't, you may not get back what you had in the event of a loss.

What if the value is not current or reasonable?  If it is undervalued, you may be over the limit of your insurance and unable to replace in the event of a loss.   And, if it is overvalued, you may be paying too much on your premium.

How does it work?  i-Val  requires input by your jeweler or appraiser of the important characteristics for adequate descriptions.  When registered, every article of jewelry gets a unique identifier (like the VIN number on your car).   

Your insurance company can use  i-Val to check for reasonable values and descriptions before you insure it, as well as prompting periodically if the values are too high or too low, based on real market trends.

How can you make sure you are properly protected?  Ask your insurance company and your jeweler if they use i-Val.

Ease and Convenience of Electronic Transmittal

Ease of Appraisal Updates Recommended Every Three Years
          Security of Your Unique Registration Number and Document with Water Marks Always in the Cloud
Easy Access to your Document through the Registration Number Link and QR Code

Securely Advertise an Article for Sale With Your Registration Link Without Your Personal Information, or Just Share Securely with Your Family and Friends 
Copy and Paste this Registration Number in the Field Below to Retrieve a Fictitious Sample Appraisal
Use the QR Code  to Retrieve it too, Just Hover Over to Retrieve the Document

Learn more about the industry and the i-Val solution, including samples, by clicking on the links to the left. 

Ask your Jeweler or Appraiser if they use i-Val 


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